Artist's Statement

Many of the elements in my pieces' designs draw inspiration from organic objects: dried grape vines, rough tree bark, wild mushrooms, and flowers; but I express the natural world in my work through inference and gesture, rather than outright representation. I work primarily in fine and sterling silver, and make extensive use of fusing in most of my pieces (the process of joining metal by melting its skin, rather than with solder). The unpredictable yet controllable nature of fusing creates rich, organic textures and gives the surfaces of my pieces a fluid look. I achieve a variety of feels by combining fine and sterling silver (alloys with different melting points) and by experimenting with different thicknesses, shapes, and orientations for the pieces of metal being fused.

Fusing introduces a measure of accident into my pieces, resonating with their natural context and rendering each piece unique and individual. The complexity of fusing and the resulting detail on many of my pieces' surfaces contrasts vibrantly with my largely minimal designs. I have developed a short list of simple silver objects, which are combined in my designs, interacting and producing compatible pieces with a wide range of character. The resulting rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, cufflinks, and tuxedo studs can be combined easily, but stand alone distinctly.